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‘ We really appreciate the individual knowledge you have about each child and the extra mile you go for every one of them. ’
‘ Thank you to all of you at North Waltham for making his school years such a special period ’
‘ Many thanks to all members of staff for all the hard work and care that is put into making North Waltham such a special school. ’
‘The teacher has done a fantastic job in engaging his mind to focus and learn ’
‘ She has been inspired by great teachers ’
‘ We want to say a big thank you for all your hard work and you have clearly made a difference to his schooling ’
‘ You are all amazing ’
Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School
North Waltham Primary School

Home Learning

Due to our school being closed because of the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus, we have pulled together some general learning resources here for pupils to do whilst they are at home. As the weeks go on, all of our Home Learning files websites and links will gather here. You will always have access to all of the current and previous resources. 

Some of these resources are electronic and interactive - games that can be played and learning that can be done online. Other learning activities here are PDFs that can be printed and completed at home.  All of the resources are guaranteed to keep children's learning progressing at this challenging time. 

A great daily activity would be to write an email, letter or postcard to an elderly relative. This could also be a Skype / Facetime  conversation. Anything to help the elderly feel less isolated and more included in our community at this time can only be a good  thing.


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20 Ideas for parents when schools close We love this one!

What a day of home learning could look like.

Mental Health 

Rockpool have produced five factsheets for parents and practitioners with the aim of providing information by using trauma awareness about children's and adult's emotional behaviour. Please find the links below if you would like to use either for yourself or child.

Responding to the Coronavirus: Resources for Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Ten Top Tips for Good Mental Health 

Welbeing Information Pack

Walking for Wellbeing

Coronavirus- A Book for Children

Supporting parents and carers through disruption

Supporting young people through disruption

Site we use in school: 

Times Table Rocks (Times Table practice) 

Spelling Shed (Spelling lists and games for children to learn and secure) 

Maths Shed (Maths games and activities for children) 

For the websites listed above, children have their own log in and password information which can  be found in their home school books. 


English Reading:

The Reading Realm - There is free access to a structured reading curriculum here for 4 weeks. There are lots of activities here to boost reading. Texts and questions to be answered and some online interviews with authors to be read. Related PDFs below: 

Fairy Tales - text and activities 

The Jungle book - text and activities 

Jorinda and Joringel - text and activities 


Other reading websites:

Global Digital Library - Books to read online and games to play based on the book read. Suitable for younger readers and those who need to develop their confidence. 

Teach Your Monster to Read - Online and interactive resources to practise reading skills, works on computers and tablet devices, both Apple and Android. Free accounts available if the child's school has needed to close. 

Oxford Owl - free ebooks for reading 

World Reader - access to books online to keep children reading during the current crisis. 

StoryLine -  Celebrated actors reading award winning books alongside creative illustrations. All videos come with an activity guide that can be completed. 

Read Wonder and Learn -  Favourite authors  share reading and writing resources online for learning anywhere. Amongst other books and videos to read and watch, this website includes an online comic to help explain the Corona Virus to children, click here


English Writing: -   A website of weird and wonderful pictures deliberately chosen to hook children into writing. Some ideas could be:

  • Write a description of what you see.
  • Imagine a character living in the picture you are looking at.
  • Write a story set in the image you choose 

When your story has been written, check your punctuation and grammar. Think about: 

  • Have you used full stops and capital letters  correctly? 
  • Have you used commas  after fronted adverbials and to mark your clauses? 
  • Are you able to use a question mark or exclamation mark, brackets, colon or semi-colon anywhere? 
  • If you have used speech, have you used it correctly? (Using speech marks  and remembering, 'new speaker, new line') 
  • Have you chosen the most exciting language you can? 
  • Can you improve any of your words for colours? (E.g. green = verdant, red = vermilion, blue = azure, yellow/orange = amber.)  

Literary Film Fest -  In this challenge, you’ll be tasked with writing a simple book review! Watch the introduction video, then watch a few examples made by other children.Then it’s time to grab a paper and pen and write your own! You can download a template to complete.

The Write Stuff  If schools close, this website promises  to deliver daily English activities by video for pupils to complete at home. 



BBC Maths Challenge Quiz -  Join Ralph and Matrix for the maths quiz that's sure to turn you into a mental maths mastermind! Each quiz has three sections - Quick fire, Word problems and Juggling numbers - and is particularly suitable for pupils aged 10/11 years old. The emphasis is on consolidating skills, building confidence...and having fun with numbers!

White Rose Maths -  We love White Rose Maths! Everything you need here for some maths learning at home for all year groups from YR (if you have children at both the Infant and Junior Schools) all the way up to Year 6!

Hampshire Maths The Hampshire Maths team have put together some resources for children to access online. These include a range of paired and individual activities and interactive games.

Primary Stars -   Sign up for a free account here and access lots of maths teaching activities and resources. 

Times Tables Rockstars-  All of our children have accounts for this programme - an excellent way to learn and secure times tables. Children's usernames and passwords for their account can be found in the front of their Home/School diaries. With the school closed, this is an ideal time to practise to see if you can beat your teacher (or Miss Gardam)! 

Emile - This is a website for primary maths, SPaG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) with some phonics thrown in. They have promised free access for anyone whose school is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Just contact them. 

Master the Curriculum Free maths resources are available here if you sign up for a free trial. 

The Khan Academy-  Maths lessons and resources to help learners. You just need to sign up. 

ICT Games-  Lots of maths (& English) related online games to play and to secure key maths skills. 


The Blue Planet - This is back on television and the lovely people at CBBC have planned learning activities for children to do based on these episodes. 

Twig Education -  The people at Twig are offering free access to videos, activities and worksheets. All you need to do is sign up for free access on their website. 

Science Samples - Sign up for free resources. Online learning about science topics with online quizzes to accompany learning. 

Mystery Science - Lots of free science lessons and resources here. No sign up is needed (unless you want extra lessons!) The site is American but well worth a look. 



History lessons - All sorts of history lessons on all sorts of periods and eras are available here. Want to research more about the Romans? Or learn more about gruesome Egyptian embalming process? Or research an entirely different period of history? This is the site to look at! 

TopMarks History -  Video clips and online learning for all sorts of historical periods. 

Key Stage Two History - More history clips and learning opportunities.



Discovery Education -  Some videos here of virtual field trips around the country/world. Also, by clicking on 'free resources' at the top of the page, you can access literacy, maths and coding activities for children to complete. 

World Geography Games - A completely free gaming platform which is great for learning about geography topics. Interactive activities on continents, capitals, flags, regions, islands, rivers ... the list is endless. There's no subscription or free trial, just go to the website and play! 



Duolingo -  Use the Duolingo website to practise your French (or even learn a new language!). Earn points for correct answers and race against the clock! 



The Art Room - Challenging and fun art activities for children in the Andover area and beyond 

Doodles Academy - An American art website full of exciting projects. 

Pobble 365 -  This website is also listed in our Writing links (above). You could combine both art and writing in one activity! 



Body Percussion Live -  A daily live session at 11am from Ollie Tunmer - former cast member of STOMP and qualified music teacher. Click this link for fun, active rhythm-based warm ups. 

Band Academy -  Fancy writing a school song?! This could be your chance! Click on Band Academy to access their free resources and learn how to write a song. You could even perform it to the family! 

Sofa Singing -  Join an online choir from your very own sofa!



Home Olympics - Stay fit during the isolation period and get ready for the Home Olympics!

Change 4 Life - Loads of activities here to help you stay fit and healthy.

Body Coach Kids - Fitness videos with Joe Wicks. There is a new fitness routine from Joe every morning at 9am on his Youtube channel. What a great way to start the day! 

Yoga -  Yoga activities for the whole family! 

Go Noodle for families -  Something everyone could be involved in. 

BBC Super Movers - Keep active during this funny time when we are restricted from so much! 

Sports Activities for Kids - Information about sporting activities and clubs for children. 



Scratch -  Children need to sign up for an account (if they don't already have one!) and there are plenty of coding and game building opportunities here.

Kodu -  A website where children can learn coding language specifically to build games.

Discovery Education Coding - We've already mentioned this website in our 'Geography' section, but clicking the link here will take you straight to some free coding lessons and resources. 

Hour of Code -  Does exactly what it says on the tin. 


Current Affairs:

The news for children in pictures

CBBC -  News for children, as well as other games and activities 



Our own well-being during times of crisis, whether personal, local, national or global, is something to take care of. The links below provide some general activities to try if you are in a period of isolation and unable to see anyone. 

Self-Isolation Activities 

Activities for keeping kids calm  


General Ideas/Support:

Explaining the Covid-19 to children - This is a lovely book, available in lots of different languages, to explain the Covid-19 virus to children

Limiting Screen Time 

Indoor Activities for Kids

Learn to play card games  

Twinkl - Offer Access to a free premium Twinkl account for all sorts of learning activities covering the entire curriculum. Sign up for an account and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS for the free month's access

 Classroom Secrets- Their new BETA site Classroom Secrets Kids is available completely free of charge to support home learning. They have created home learning packs for each year group that are available to download.

General activities 

BBC Bitesize

123homeschool4me -  A website with access to free worksheets and activities. It's an American site so you just need to convert the year groups! A rough guide is: 

Year 3 - 2nd Grade 

Year 4 - 3rd Grade 

Year 5 - 4th Grade 

Year 6 - 5th Grade 

Walkabouts - Aimed at children in Year 3, a collection of interactive videos where children get up and move whilst they're learning. It's interactive, fun and, at the moment, free! No need to sign up, just log in with the username 2free and the password walkabouts.  A brand new site to access where everything is completely free! It's packed with activities for children to use independently. 

Seneca -  Suitable for KS2 children right up to A Level. Seneca is a free learning platform which is easy to follow and covers every subject. You don't need to log in, just begin learning straight away. 

National Geographic Kids -  This is a great platform for learning and it's totally free. There are online games, resources and competitions too. It's aimed at primary school pupils and there are history, science, geography, English, maths, art & design and PSHE activities. 

 And, of course, don't forget the letter we sent out a little while ago full of learning activities. Another copy can be found at the link below: 

 7 Days at Home