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North Waltham Primary
‘ We really appreciate the individual knowledge you have about each child and the extra mile you go for every one of them. ’
‘ Thank you to all of you at North Waltham for making his school years such a special period ’
‘ Many thanks to all members of staff for all the hard work and care that is put into making North Waltham such a special school. ’
‘The teacher has done a fantastic job in engaging his mind to focus and learn ’
‘ She has been inspired by great teachers ’
‘ We want to say a big thank you for all your hard work and you have clearly made a difference to his schooling ’
‘ You are all amazing ’
Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School Life at North Waltham Primary School
North Waltham Primary School

Google Classroom

Google Classroom Set Up


Why Google Classroom?

- Our website is not designed for learning

- If our website receives a lot of traffic it will crash

- All of the lessons and resources will be in one place

Where can I find information about Google Classroom? 

I already have a Google account. Is that ok to use?

- No, children must use their school account.

- Got a problem logging in? Check you are using the right account!

Where can I use Google Classroom?

- Anywhere! You just need a computer or mobile & internet!

How can I submit my work?

You may:

- Do a quiz on Google

- Edit a document on Google classroom

- Do work on paper at home and send an image of it via email

- You may attach a document and email it over

- If the work is a questionnaire you will not receive any feedback

- If you email your work over you will receive feedback on it

- When starting a lesson check the instructions. It will say in there how to submit your work

When will lessons be uploaded?

- Monday- Friday at 8:00am.

Is there a due date on work?

- No, however if you wish to receive feedback on your work please email it over by noon on the day it is set and Miss Gardam will respond that afternoon.

- If it comes after noon, Miss Gardam will see it but she will not send feedback.

Is it safe?

- Yes, because it has a log in system and it is maintained by Google.

- But as always with any online system please be careful and please be mindful of keeping passwords safe!

Can my child post of comment on Google Classroom? 

- No, this has been disabled. 

Does my child now have an email account? 

- No, it looks like an email address but they do not have access to Gmail. This is their Chromebook login they use at school.

On a computer, what browser should I use?

- We recommend using Google Chrome.

What if I need help?

- Logging on- Email the school office and Miss Gardam will get back to you.

- Questions/ support from Miss Gardam regarding work/ submitting work-

- Please ensure you email the email address above from an adult’s account.

Google Classroom

- Stream (noticeboard)

- Classwork ß where you will find the set work

- (the log on address to access Google Classroom)

How do I log in on an Apple or Android?

-  You need to add the account first. This is usually easiest done by going into the settings and adding a google account (this is the child’s email address ending in You may be asked to accept the conditions and also reset the password.

- Once the account is added, then install the Google Classroom app from the AppStore or Playstore.

- Then go into Google Classroom and ensure you are selecting the right account. You may need to select ‘I’m a student’. You will then see two classes.